Careers at ZABE Mortgage Group

Position: Loan Officer

ZABE Mortgage Group, Madera, CA

Want to join a dynamic, fast paced, growing mortgage firm in Central California’s fastest-growing region? ZABE Mortgage Group is looking for a strong and seasoned Loan Officer.

We are looking for a current Loan Officer, experienced Processor, Loan Officer Assistant, Builder Representative, Title Representative, and other passionate sales professionals that are ready to take it to the next level. If growing professionally and personally is what you have mind, look no further. We pay above market rate for top talent.

Why ZABE Mortgage Group?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, we can change your future!

  • Is your biggest competition in your own office?
  • Are your files being neglected?
  • Is underwriting taking too long?
  • Are overlays shrinking your pipeline?
  • Are chasing PTD and PTF conditions keeping you so busy that you can’t get out of the office to build referral partner relationships?
  • Are you not receiving 50% of your leads from your branch manager through branch marketing campaigns?
  • Are you experiencing more than one declined loan every 3 months?
  • Are you closing more than 3 loans per month but don’t yet have a team behind you to close your files?
  • Have you been looking to open your own branch but have not found a strong partner or your BM freaks out when you bring that up?
  • Are you not receiving full health insurance benefits (or HSA) or offered to participate in a 401k (or deferred comp plan)?


At ZABE Mortgage Group, our in-house processing team is top notch. Our experienced processors are not only knowledgeable but tech savvy. Their top priority is to close files quickly and with minimal conditions. We’ve experience nearly zero declined loans due to our upfront processing quality. All files are processed and verified at the pre-approval stage. Once an offer is accepted or a buyer commits to refinance, the support team takes it over, freeing the LO to pursue and build referral partner relationships rather than chase paperwork. Our branching company (and Partner) provides us with underwriting, funding, HR, Compliance, and is top 100 mortgage bankers in the nation. We have some mortgage tools not available to 90% of loan officers out there and they are game changers.

We challenge you to double your production year after year without compromising life quality and balance. We are a growing company focused on purchase business and referrals from customers and referral partners.

We celebrate victories often and strongly believe that work should be fun too! We spend most of our lives at work after all!

If you are ready to take your production to the next level and grow as a mortgage professional to new heights call us at (559) 326-7084 or email your resume and cover letter to